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Wholesale and Food Service

Pure, Raw, All-Natural, High-Quality Honey is as popular as ever, appearing on more restaurant menus nationwide and growing. Honey’s popularity can be attributed to its “triple threat” of Flavor, Function, and Versatility. Honey helps baked goods retain moisture and extending shelf life, act as a natural thickening agent for sauces and dressings, and modifying a range of tastes. With all that honey offers, it’s increased demand is no surprise.

Honey is gluten-free, fat-free, trans-fat-free, cholesterol free, sodium free and non-GMO. It’s a healthful alternative to processed sugar, corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners. It’s also more intense than sugar so less can be used for the desired effect.    

Cox’s Honey is a leading producer of Pure, Raw, All-Natural, High-Quality Honey for the foodservice industry.  In addition to our raw clover honey available in 8 sizes, we also package our World Famous Delicious Creamed Honey, Honeycomb, and Wildflower. Our products are distributed nationwide and customers include national restaurant chains, independent restaurants, colleges and universities, hotels, school systems, caterers, etc. We also work extensively with major Grocery Store chains and in-store bakeries of those major grocery chains.

From small bottles for tables to medium quantity for cooking to larger quantity for fulfillment centers, Cox’s Honey has the means to supply your needs.   

We can also custom package or private label honey to meet the specific needs of your business.

Please contact Dustin Kirby | |  208-357-3226