New Look! New Commitment! Same great taste!

Cox's Honey has a new look, focused on helping consumers know exactly what they are buying - Real, Raw, Honest Honey. Our new look doesn't lead us away from the family traditions that got us here. In fact, it magnifies what was started by our great, great-grandfather Orville Cox in 1927.

Our goal is to focus on being more transparent on how we farm, harvest and package our honey. We understand that in today's society it's more important than ever before to win the trust of consumers by ensuring they are buying good quality honey. With most brands blending their honey with additives, preservatives, artificial flavors or even foreign honey, we are on a mission to show that our honey is pure, raw, 100% U.S. only honey with nothing added and nothing taken away.

Real - Ingredients: 100% Honey. With no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. We don't blend our honey with foreign honey; it is 100% U.S. Grade A honey. We ensure every bottle is filled with pure honey straight from the hive.

Raw - Our honey is alive with healthy pollen, live enzymes, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. We test our honey for purity, adulteration and pesticides. Being a producer-packer allows us to have consistency in harvesting and production processes translating into a greater level of control over the quality of our honey.

Honest - We have farmed, packaged and distributed our honey with integrity, consistency and family traditions since 1927. We have a passion for placing our bees in nature's most pristine foliage so they can thrive and produce a light, flavorful, delicious honey every time. Our practices are honest, true and respectful to the bees and honey they produce.

We take every detail seriously. Our process is deliberate, precise and intentional, as well as traditional. We guarantee goodness in every bottle!

More and more consumers are discovering honey is a versatile sweetener that can be used for a variety of things - from tea and oatmeal, to cooking and baking, to mead and cocktails. Our honey is a light, perfectly-mild, great-tasting, high mountain clover honey. Great for the table, baking, topping, or using the creamed honey as a delicious spread.