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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you heat your honey?

We gently warm our honey just enough to facilitate bottling, but never cooking or degrading its nutritional quality.

Do you use Foreign Honey?

We do not use foreign honey. Our honey is U.S. Grade A only honey.

What is Creamed Honey?

Creamed Honey is a controlled form of honey granulation. Essentially, we take liquid clover honey, accelerate the granulation process, run it through a process to smooth it out and package it. The honey turns white during this process. There is nothing added or taken away.

Why is my Creamed Honey Hard?

Creamed honey is a form of "crystalized" honey. After packaging our creamed honey we place it in a cooler. This allows the freshness and creaminess of the honey to last longer. Which also causes the honey to harden. Place the honey container in warm water and it will soften up. But don't leave it for too long or it will return to a liquid honey.

Do you test your honey?

Yes, we do test our honey for adulteration and pesticides. As a producer-packer we can control and guarantee our honey is 100% pure honey every time.

Where is your honey from?

Our honey comes from high mountain clover grown in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Our honey is a U.S. Grade A White Honey only. We do not use any foreign honey.

What is the source (vegetation) of your honey?

Our High Mountain Clover can include White Dutch Clover, White Sweet Clover, Yellow Sweet Clover and Alfalfa.

How should I store honey?

Honey is best kept in a sealed container at room temperature. Refrigeration preserves honey very well but also promotes granulation, yielding a semi-solid mass. Freezing, on the other hand, preserves honey well and does not promote granulation. Storage above room temperature may cause your honey to darken and/or subtle flavor changes.

Why did my honey granulate?

Crystalized or hardened honey is raw honey returning back to its natural form. This is nature's way of storing honey. Crystalized honey is 100% safe to eat and can easily be returned to a liquid state by placing the container in warm water.

Is your honey pasteurized?

No, our honey is not pasteurized.