Our Honey Stand

At Cox's Honey we love our honey bees, but the many things they produce come in a close second. We strive to maintain the pureness of the honey and use the many benefits that come from the honey bee.

  • Coxs Honey Stand Clover Honey

    Clover Honey

    A light, perfectly mild, great-tasting, high mountain clover honey. 100% raw unfiltered honey.

  • Coxs Honey Stand Creamed Honey

    Creamed Honey

    A perfectly smooth, yummy tasting, creamy honey. 100% raw unfiltered honey.

  • Coxs Honey Stand Glass Jars

    Honey Glass Jars

    We carry a variety of honey glass jars. From hexagon to honey comb to weck jars.

  • Coxs Honey Stand Beehive Naturals

    Beehive Naturals

    Beehive Naturals uses our beehive wax to produce one-of-a-kind handcrafted products. From soap to lotions.

  • Coxs Honey Stand Natalie's Elderberry Syrup

    Natalie's Elderberry

    Natalie's uses our honey to make her Elderberry Syrup. With endless benefits it's perfect for cold and flues.

  • Cox's Honey Stand Joe's Handcrafted Wood Products

    Joe's Wood Crafts

    Handcrafted wood products by Joe. Cutting boards to honey dripper to wood conditioner made from our beehive wax.

  • Cox's Honey Stand Backcountry Herbs

    Backcountry Herbs

    Locally homegrown and wild-harvested herbs. From tea herbs to kitchen herbs to healing salves.

  • Cox's Honey Stand Mexican Vanilla Local Jam Cacao Powder

    Honey Companions

    From Mexican Vanilla to Cacao Powder to locally made Jam and Syrups and more. Perfect companions for honey.

  • Cox's Honey Stand Miscellaneous

    Other Products

    From hats to earrings handmade by local suppliers to blankets handmade in India. Lots of fun bee themed items.

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Coxs Honey Stand Gift Station

Build Your Own Gift Basket

Choose a container or box, browse our honey stand, pick your favorites and decorate it. Take it home or we can mail it for you.

Cox's Honey Stand Beekeeping Supplies

We Carry Beekeeping Supplies

Hats, Suits, Gloves, Smokers, Hive Tools, Supers and in the spring time we sell nucs.

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